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Halton Thomson

We love sharing alumni stories and this one is no exception. Casen, who graduated from Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA) in 2015, has been up to quite a few things since leaving GCA. After attending a ministerial college for two years, he is now working part time in the ministry while he pursues a music career. His hootworthy accomplishment of producing and releasing his own music album titled “Lemonade” stemmed from his passion for writing, singing, and playing music.

Casen’s inspiration to create this album came from one of his favorite movies 500 days of Summer, where the theme was a story of boy meets girl, but it wasn’t a love story. He wanted to create an album that was a love story, but which wasn’t about love. Even though Casen wrote, sang, played, produced, and released the album on his own, he wouldn’t describe it that way. He believes that most art is already present, and it must be discovered from within by the artist rather than created out of nothing. He credits his music influences, education, upbringing, gifts and talents, and the culture around him to the creation of this album.

The album includes 10 songs, but he would really say it’s more like nine and a half. He took a Charlie Puth music producing course to learn how to do it, meanwhile playing all the instruments, writing the lyrics, singing the songs, and arranging the music. The process from start to finish took about two years, as he describes himself as somewhat of a perfectionist. He wanted to make sure everything was just right before releasing it. He says the music genre is indie-folk and singer-songwriter with a sound close to John Mayer, if he had to pick an artist. 

Casen has been playing and writing music since he was around 14 years old, but the hobby came around unexpectedly. His brother had a guitar, and when Casen decided to quit baseball, he found he needed to fill this new free time with something--why not learn guitar, he thought. Because of his online learning experience with GCA and the self-directed learning skills he was acquiring through it, he believed he could learn the guitar online just like he was being educated virtually. He put in the work, and he now has his own music album to show for it!

Casen sometimes performs live at a local coffee shop in Dawsonville with hopes to play more venues in the future. He mentions he is always working on future content, with an acoustic album underway inspired by the influence of his grandpa. People can listen to Casen’s album “Lemonade” on all streaming services by searching “Casen Watson,” and they can stay up to date with him by following him on Instagam @casenpwatson. He wanted to be sure to shout out his GCA community, mom, and his former teacher Ms. Blanda, who now serves as our Middle Principal. We are so proud of Casen and his hootworthy music album, and we encourage everyone to go listen!


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