The American Rescue Plan (ARP) - Feedback Mid-Year Review

Rebecca Andrews

This is a GADOE Mandatory mid-year review of actionable items currently funded through various Federal and General funds.  This review will also help inform the School Improvement Process for FY22 coming in March. 

All GCA Stakeholders are welcome to respond:  Teachers, Staff, Learning Coaches, Legal Guardians, Community Members, Board Members, Students, etc. 

Please respond to each item to help us determine if an action step falls into the following categories:

Completed - You know this was fully implemented or completed. (Very few will fall into this category)
Progressing at an Expected Rate - You see actions that indicate GCA is working well on this initiative.
Not Progressing at an Expected Rate - You see actions, but don't believe GCA is working well enough on the initiative
Not Started - You know that it is going to be implemented soon.
I am unaware of this initiative or its status. (This is an acceptable answer since not everyone sees all initiatives.)

Then rate the overall success of the intervention.

Lastly, please provide comments and feedback on each initiative as applicable.  This can help us maintain the initiative for the future or help us decide to abandon it completely. 

The form should take 15-30 minutes depending on your level of detail.

A big thank you to all stakeholders!  We want all voices to be heard!!!!

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