TimeClock Plus v.7 App Directions

Once app is installed, please select scheme of "https" highlighted in blue

TimeClock scheme screen

The next prompt is a port/host number as seen below

TimeClock host screen

The Port number may be already entered as 443 and may not need typing

Please note the full Host number:

After selecting next, you will see the namespace listed of 300337

TimeClock name screen

Company name provided is Georgia Cyber Academy 1, please select

TimeClock company screen

Lastly, your household name + Family ID will enter for badge ID:

Example: last name SMITH123456

Note: the Badge Number was provided to you via email.

TimeClock badge id screen


Link to log attendance

Download the Mobile App

View this video for step-by-step directions on logging attendance. Note: You will want to watch this in full screen mode using Firefox or Internet Explorer.

IMPORTANT: After you log your attendance times, you must click on the approve button at the top. If you do not click the approve button, your information will be lost.

If you have any questions, please contact your Family Success Liaison or email

TimeClock App Directions

For more information about attendance, please visit our Attendance page.