Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus will be used for final grade reporting, transcripts and Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) data. Parents can access the Infinite Campus parent portal by following the directions to create an account. Contact your student’s Family Success Liaison should you need assistance.

Log In Screen

Login Instructions

Final Report Cards will be posted in Infinite Campus at the end of the school year.  If Report Cards are not retrieved prior to the start of the new school year, a records request will be required.  

Infinite Campus Parent Portal Login and Navigation

First Time Users: Setting Up Your Account

  1. To set up your Infinite Campus for the first time,


If you have multiple students at GCA, just choose one of them. Your account will be inked to each of your students.

Student accounts are created by administration and are initially set up with the following for Username and Password: Student ID number as the username and the "{first name initial}{last name initial} {birthdate MMDDYY}" as the password. (Ex. Jane Doe birth date 11/12/2013: jd111213). 

  1. If your account has not been activated, you will be provided with your GUID number on the next screen.  Highlight and copy or take note of this number.
  • click "Activate Your Parent Portal Account Now"
  1. Enter the Activation Key (GUID number). If pasting, copy and paste it in sections. Pasting all of it at once will not be entered into the cells correctly. Once entered, click Submit.
  2. Log into Infinite Campus:
  3. Type in the Username and Password that you just created, and click Sign In


Once you’ve set up your Infinite Campus Account, you will use the following steps to log in successfully:

  1. Login to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal Website: ff
  2. Type in the Username and Password that you just created, and click Sign In.
  3. Once logged in, go to Account Settings from the left navigation bar and make sure to enter a Security Email (Note – please do not use your georgiacyber email address since it will not receive emails from sources outside of GCA, e.g. Infinite Campus). This will allow you to retrieve your credentials if lost or forgotten.


Once you have successfully set up your account, you can reset your username and/or password, if forgotten. You will simply click the Help button on the login screen to expand the window to select “Forgot your password,” etc. In the event that this password retrieval does not work, you may contact your homeroom teacher or complete this survey: Password Reset Survey


Check for messages, manage your account, get the Infinite Campus mobile app, and more from the Parent Portal home page. To view information about your student, select your student name from the drop-down at the top of the screen.

  • Use the left navigation bar to select the page you would like to view.
  • If a student is in grades K-8, you can click on the Grades tab and see the most recently graded assignments, and the overall averages of each course. Please note that the “Grades by Course” section comes from a student’s schedule. There are courses listed here for which students do not receive a grade, i.e. Individualized Learning, A Quick Welcome to Online Learning, and Supplemental Activities.
  • If you would like to see a report card format of your student’s grades, please select "Report" from the left navigation bar.
  • To see the breakdown of grades within a course, click on the course name.  This opens the Grading Task Summary. From this screen, you can see what assignments have been given and what those grades are.



Note: You will only see scores for your GCA student through the Assessments Tab in the Parent Portal if your student took the EOC/EOG as a GCA student. Incoming scores from other districts will be made available through the SLDS (Statewide Longitudinal Data System).

  1. Log in to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal:
  2. Once logged in successfully, choose your student’s name from the drop-down at the top of the screen. If you only have one student who attends GCA, then your page will default to the screen that you need to see.
  3. Once the page is on a specific student, locate the word “Assessment” on the left navigation bar, click it, and it will show your student’s scores.
  4. If you have any questions regarding your student’s scores, please contact your student’s homeroom teacher.


  • View state assessments from previous districts
  • View student growth percentiles
  • View and complete assignments via the Georgia Career Information System (GCIS)
  1. Log in to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal:
  2. Choose SLDS Portal from the bottom of the left navigation bar:

You may use the parent account or the student account to access the SLDS. If you are using the parent account, and you have multiple students at GCA, you will be able to toggle between their information by selecting each name from the drop down one at the time. If using the student account, only that student’s information will show. The screenshot below is from a parent account that has a drop-down available for toggling between students. Please note that in order to complete tasks assigned for “My Career Path,” the student must log in via the student account.

Descriptions of headers:

  • Performance: view your student’s GSGM (Georgia Student Growth Model) report. This is a downloadable report that you may print for your records.  See previous CRCT and Milestones scores, where applicable. Growth Percentiles and Lexile scores.

  • Resources: shows a student’s current schedule. Additionally, by clicking on the gold key, you will be able to see the standards associated with each course.

  • Testing: GOFAR tests that may be assigned by teachers. If assigned, tests can be viewed by Active Tests or Completed Tests.

  • My Career Plan: the link associated with GCIS. If logged in via the parent account, you may see what your student has completed. However, to complete tasks, students must be logged in via their own student account.

  • Assessments: shows completed Career Assessments, as well as available Career Assessments to take or retake.

    • Clusters – Shows completed Clusters and the option to Choose Career Clusters.

    • Occupations – Shows selected Occupations and the option to Choose Occupations.

    • Graduation Plan – Shows status of IGP (Individual Graduation Plan) and the option to complete the Graduation Plan.

    • MOWR – Shows MOWR (Move on When Ready – now referred to as Dual Enrollment (DE)) status and provides additional information on this program.

    • Post Secondary – Allows for exploration of Post-Secondary options

    • Next Steps – Shows status of Next Steps and allows for students to Choose Career Next Steps.

    • You Science – More information to come regarding You Science. Additionally, it is only viewable for high school student accounts.

Infinite Campus Student Portal Login Instructions:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your Username and Password. If you did not have an account previously, one has been created for you.  The username is the student’s Student ID Number; the password is the student’s first and last name initials and Birth Date in mmddyy format.
  3. Select the Login button. This will bring the user to the main portal page where district and school notices will be listed.
  4. If this is the first time the portal has been accessed, it is advised that users change usernames and passwords. Use the Change Account Info in the Index and follow the instructions provided.