High Flyin' Reader

Be a High Flyin' Reader and receive a One of Kind GCA Car Cling. GCA is proud of our reader's. Fly High with GCA!

High Flyin Reader on Board

Those Who Earn their Wings for the Fall!

Tejas K 

Jayden G

Charleston B

About the High Flyin' Reader Program

All students in the LIFE program have the opportunity to participate in the reading program by completing a daily reading log that's located in the Canvas course "LIFE Family Resources."  Students earn their wings by reading 3 or more times a week.  

All students that meet the criterion (e.g., "earn their wings") are designated to be "High Flyin' Readers."  One is selected, at random, to be the "Featured High Flyin' Reader."

Featured Fall High Flyin' Readers

Fall Featured HFR 2021
High Flyin Reader November

Charleston is a 7-year-old second-grader in Mrs. McCanless' class. He loves school and seeing the other kids in class. He likes to read books about animals.

In addition to reading, Charleston likes to play games in the ULS. He likes to ride in the car, loves to be outside and he likes to fish! Ms. Collins notes, "Charleston has multiple disabilities. He's non-verbal, vision impaired and non-mobile but HE'S ALWAYS HAPPY WITH THE BIGGEST SMILE IMAGINABLE!"  

Ms. Collins acknowledges Mrs. McCanless' support, saying, "Charleston has a great teacher, we wouldn't even attempt to do this without her."  Mrs. McCanless teaches elementary students in the LIFE program.  She's known for her support of students with vision impairments and multiple disabilities through creativity and the use of assistive technology and classroom accommodations.  She says, "Charleston is a joy to teach.  I love to see him on the camera as his smile lights up my day.  He has worked extremely hard for the past few years learning to use a head switch and can now make choices on his communication tablet using his head switch.  To see him succeed has been very rewarding.  He has a great family who goes above and beyond and works hard to find ways for him to participate as fully as possible in school as well as life.  Great Job Charleston!  Keep Up the Good Work!"

High Flyin' Reader Fall Featured
Tejas is in High School and attends class with Ms. Pearce and Ms. McDaniel. Tejas follows his schedule every day. He likes to read before bed. His favorite kind of book is picture books. Ms. Kandi adds, "Thanks to GCA for providing access to the Raz-Kids website!"

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