Georgia Cyber Academy requires all families to have a minimum of one dedicated computer per student and one printer per household that meet the minimum specifications necessary to access the GCA Online School (GOLS). Families must also have Internet access to participate in the school. Internet access is verified during the enrollment process and throughout the school year. Hot spots or reimbursement for internet service may be provided to students that have a financial need (see below in section Hot Spots and Internet Service Provider (ISP) Supplement Program).

Minimum technical specifications are as follows:

  • Chrome, Windows-based, or Apple computer
  • Reliable Internet Connection with a recommended minimum 3 Megabits per second download speed
  • Internal or external microphone
  • Internal or external speakers
  • Internal or external web camera
  • Google Chrome Browser
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader

Georgia Cyber Academy will provide a computer and printer to any enrolling family upon request and when a financial information form is completed. Please contact your Family Success Liaison if you need of a computer or printer.

School-Issued Chromebooks

Use your student Google for Education account to log in to your School-Issued Chromebook

For school-issued Chromebook hardware issues, please call 404-334-4790 and enter "8" when prompted to enter and extension.

Computer Requests

New family requesting a school-loaner computer

Your Family Success Liaison (FSL) will be assessing your computer needs during your Welcome Call.  Please notify your FSL of your computer needs at that time.

Returning family with an existing K12 loaner computer

If you are a returning family and have a K12 student loaner computer, access should be turned. Please continue to use that computer until your new one arrives. If you cannot get your loaner computer to work, please reach out to your Family Success Liaison (FSL).

Returning family who returned K12 loaner computer

If you are a returning family and have already returned your K12 student loaner computer, please complete this survey (if you have not already done so) so that we can place you on the priority shipping list along with our new families: If you have already completed it and your computer needs have changed, please complete it again so that we can update your priority.  

Computer ShipmentsStudent loaner computers have been ordered and are currently in the process of being shipped.  Everyone that has requested a GCA Loaner Computer will receive one, but there may be a delay in delivery. You will receive an email from UPS with a tracking number once your computer order has been processed.

Please know that your student will be able to make up any assignments they miss if you are unable to access lessons and classes via another device until your computer has arrived. Classes will also be recorded so that your student may review at a later date. Your student will not get behind in their assignments and will not be penalized in any way as we transition into the new school year.  

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please reach out to your Family Success Liaison (FSL) or attend our Learning Coach Live Help Open Office Session. Information about parent sessions can be found on our Parent Calendar.