How to Create a Canvas Observer Account


Download PDF Instructions

Please follow the three step process listed below to create your account.

Part One: Obtain a Pairing Code

1. Using your student's GCA Chromebook or your Personal Device, log into your student's Canvas account with your student's GCA G-Suite credentials which were emailed to you:

GCA Chromebook

Use your student’s GCA G-Suite email and password to log in.  Select the Canvas LMS link from the saved bookmarks in the Chrome browser

Screenshot of where to find your G-Suite Information

Personal Device

Go to and use your student's GCA G-Suite email and password to log in.

Select the Apps icon.

Choose Canvas LMS.

Canvas Observer App Icons

2. From your student’s Canvas account choose Account, then Settings from the left side navigation.

Canvas Account Icon

3. Select Pair with Observer, located on the right side of the page.

Canvas Pair with Observer Button

4. A pop-up box with a code will appear. This code is needed to create your Canvas Observer Account which will be linked to your student. The code is case sensitive and specific to your student. Please copy it accurately.

NOTE: If you have multiple students with GCA and wish to have them paired to your Canvas Observer Account, repeat steps 1-4 in each student’s Canvas account to receive their pairing code. Please copy each one accurately


Part Two: Create Your Canvas Observer Account

1. Visit this link:
2. Choose Parent of a Canvas User at the top of the page.
3. In the box that opens, enter the information requested:

  • Name: The Parent or Learning Coach’s full name
  • Email: The email address you used when enrolling with GCA, not the student’s email
  • Create a Password: 8 characters long
  • Confirm your Password.
  • Enter the Pairing Code you copied from Part 1, Step 4. of these instructions.
  • Check the agreement box for the Terms of Use
  • Select "Start Participating"

NOTE: If your Canvas Observer Account does not automatically open, visit:
and log in with your email and newly created password.

To pair any additional students in your Canvas Observer Account, go to Account, then Observing, and enter one of your additional student's pairing code and choose "+Student" to add them.

Canvas Observer Icons to add additional students


Part Three: Enroll in the Strong Start Course

Once you successfully create your Canvas Observer Account, you can enroll in the required Strong Start 2020-2021 Course which is specifically designed for Parents and Learning Coaches new to GCA.

Go back to the email from your FSL and use the course access link provided.

If you have trouble enrolling in the Strong Start course after creating your account, please contact your FSL for help.