Accommodation Guidelines for Students with Disabilities

Per the GA Department of Education, “Accommodations are changes in the administration of an assessment in terms of how the student takes or responds to the assessment. Broad categories of accommodations include presentation, response, setting, and scheduling. Accommodations do not change the construct intended to be measured by the assessment or the meaning of the resulting scores. Accommodations are designed to provide equity, not advantage or reduce learning expectations, for students with disabilities.”

Only students with an Individualized Education Program (IEP), Individual Accommodation Plan (IAP)/504 Plan, or English Learner/Test Participation Committee (EL/TPC) Plan can be considered for accommodations.

An accommodation must be listed in a student’s IEP, 504 Plan, and/or EL/TPC Plan prior to an assessment in order for a student to be allowed to use that accommodation. It is expected that students with accommodations use those accommodations on a regular basis prior to an assessment. A student should never use an accommodation for the first time during an assessment.

If you have questions related to accommodations, please contact your student’s teacher or case manager.