Meet Gabriel

As a 4th grade student, Gabriel has been appropriately challenged at GCA.  Classes are fun and he enjoys begin on camera, using the microphone and chatting with his peers in class.  

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I like how he's learned more, he's grown, he's right where he needs to be and I like that.

– Tim, Gabriel's Dad

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Why Gabriel's Family Chose GCA

Gabriel's parents were looking for a school option that helped him become an independent learner in an environment that had minimal distractions.  They wanted a program that was hands-on that allowed Gabriel to grow in his abilities.

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Gabriel has a lot of good time that isn't wasted. I felt like in brick and mortar there was a lot of time wasted.

– Kimberly, Gabriel's Mom

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Lottery registration is your first step to enrolling at GCA.  Grade levels have a specified number of seats, so lottery registration is indication to our enrollment team that you are interested in enrolling in a certain grade level.  

Enroll now for the 2024-2025 school year. 

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Meet Elai & Etai

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Meet Caleb

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Meet Gabriel

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Meet Joey

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Meet Natalia

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