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Meet real GCA students, families, and staff to learn what a day in the life at a virtual school is like.  Each student's story will take you through their experience with live classes and schedules, assignments and curriculum, and more. 

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Featured Stories

Elai & Etai - Kindergarten

photo of Eli and Eti with their mom

Originally wanting a brick and mortar school for her twins, Elai and Etai, Elizabeth had to make another choice for her Kindergarten students during the COVID-19 pandemic.  At GCA, she and the twins fell in love with the field trips, time with teachers and classmates, hands-on activities and the overall school at home experience.  

Explore Elai's & Etai's GCA experience.

Caleb - 1st Grade

photo of Caleb

Caleb's mom wanted a virtual education that provides the same quality of education found at traditional brick and mortar schools.  Finding a school that allowed time in the day for Caleb to participate in extracurricular activities was also important.

Explore Caleb's GCA experience

Gabriel - 4th Grade

photo of Gabriel

Gabriel's parents were looking for a school option that helped him become an independent learner in an environment that had minimal distractions.  They found the structure that GCA provides does just that while also preparing Gabriel for college or career.

Explore Gabriel's GCA experience

Jack - 5th Grade

photo of Jack

Recognizing Jack's need for a more self-managed education and extracurricular projects, his parents have been pleased with the "college-esque" schedule GCA provides while finding that virtual does not mean separated from teachers and classmates. 

Explore Jack's GCA experience

Joey - 6th Grade

photo of Joey

Joey needed an environment where he could learn free from the distractions that a brick and mortar classroom can present.  At GCA, he has become a more responsible student who is able to focus which has significantly improved his academic performance.

Explore Joey's GCA experience

Natalia - 12th Grade

photo of Natalia

As a high school student, Natalia has been able to focus on her studies while still having time in her schedule for extracurricular activities.  The Dual Enrollment program offers her the ability to earn college and high school credits simultaneously.  

Explore Natalia's GCA experience

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