"We absolutely LOVE seeing all these students at GCA sharing their hobbies. We especially love the artsy posts because our 1st grader is an artsy kid herself. One of the biggest reasons why we love GCA is because our daughter gets to be as creative as she would like, with the encouragement of all the great teachers she’s had thus far, along with the ability to have the comfort of home and supplies needed to make her creativity come to life. I believe this has had a great impact on keeping my child on task in other areas of her education that aren’t “as fun” as she describes. When they have these refreshing little breaks of fun, which her teachers so kindly provide, it encourages them to work harder and stay committed to completing their work. A huge shoutout to Mrs. Davis, who continues to support my student after having been her teacher last year, and also to her current teachers, Ms. Gassman and Mrs. Baka, who do a fantastic job at making learning fun and easy! Also, can’t forget Mrs. Ryals, her art teacher, for continuing to make art something that my little one looks forward to." - Parent, GCA

"I'm a new student and it's pretty cool. I have total control with managing my classes and they are very helpful when it comes to planning for college, making and career plan, and planning for the future outside of school." - Junior, GCA Student

"From a parent that is new to GCA this year: I am so happy to be here at GCA. GCA is way ahead of the other schools. I am thankful J. has had no interruptions to his education. We were so nervous to try it, but are now so thankful. We are in a rural area and have limited options. GCA turned a difficult decision into a relief. We are planning to bring our 3-year-old child, T, to GCA when he is of age." - Judy, GCA Parent

"With the new Pandemic and in some instances parents not having a choice to keep their children at home, this is the perfect choice. My daughter attended Georgia Cyber Academy 6 years ago as I transitioned her out of private school. Not only was the curriculum different, but it was an entire adjustment to learning. The teachers were excellent and took the time to answer questions with students. Everything was given to you in detailed explanation of their daily work thru their monthly schedule. At the end of the year, my daughter decided she wanted to go back to a brick and muter high school. As a parent, I wished she had stayed in GCA, we accomplished much more academically than a regular school." - Barbara, GCA Parent

"My experience with Georgia Cyber Academy was all around pleasant. The online academy provides the student with flexibility unmatched in any other brick and mortar establishment. Classes are very engaging, and the materials taught in the curriculum ensure the student's college readiness. The facility and staff are very polite while being very efficient; the only complaint is that there are delays in responses from administration to student or parent. One of the biggest worries of online learning is that the school systems wouldn't provide opportunities to socialize, but Georgia Cyber Academy combats against that negative. With opportunities for social outing events, school-sponsored online clubs, and much more, Georgia Cyber seeks to engage all their students. My experience with Georgia Cyber Academy was a pleasant one that ensured my future for years to come." - Senior, GCA Student

"I truly enjoyed completing my high school education online with Georgia Cyber Academy. The curriculum is very manageable and the teachers do a great job of making sure each student fully understands the material and motivates the students to graduate although this is an online program." - Allison, GCA Alumni

"I think the teachers are excellent. I do wish the curriculum wouldn't rely so much on videos for the lessons. But overall, I truly think GCA is a great-vigorous course that prepares you for the independence and responsibility needed to succeed in college." - Freshman, GCA Student

"My son started a little over a week ago. I’ve had a lot of questions and everyone has been so responsive and helpful. My son is enjoying the classes and that’s unusual for him. I’ve seen emails from teachers to the students that are extremely positive and encouraging. I am very happy that we chose GCA!" - Kellie, GCA Parent


Testimonial from GCA Parents

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