Public Comment

The Board encourages members of the public to offer comments and express opinions on both specific actions to be taken by the Board, as well as any other issue directly related to the operation of the School. In accordance with this policy, any individual may address the Board on agenda items during the public comment period as long as they meet any legal provisions governing participation at public meetings. Individuals may present either in-person or by telephone.

Individuals are strongly encouraged to follow school grievance policies and discuss their comments and concerns with appropriate school staff members, administrators, and/or Board members before directing such comments to the entire Board during a meeting.

Public Comment Policy

To request additional board information or board packet documents, contact Michael Kooi.

Procedure for Contacting a Board Member

Contacting Georgia Cyber Academy School Board   

If you feel a concern needs to be escalated to the GCA Board of Directors, please email GCA Executive Director, Michael Kooi. You may also reach the Board of Directors directly.  Please visit the Board Directory page for contact information.

GCA Complaint Procedure