“3 years of GCA have nearly undone the harm the public school my daughter attended Kindergarten at inflicted on her. She went from being sat in a corner facing a wall every day not even attempting assignments to a honor roll student. She went from illiterate to a voracious reader. More importantly, she actually looks forward to her live classes, where she used to beg me not to make her go to school.” – Laura, GCA Parent

“My son started a little over a week ago. I’ve had a lot of questions and everyone has been so responsive and helpful . My son is enjoying the classes and that’s unusual for him. I’ve seen emails from teachers to the students that are extremely positive and encouraging. I am very happy that we chose GCA!” – Kellie, GCA Parent

“I sit in on the classes with him and am continually impressed with their patience and enthusiasm. This has been such an improvement over our local brick and mortar and I love that I can actually be a part of his learning process instead of relying on an agenda and attempts to contact a teacher I never see with a questionable teaching strategy.” – Megan, GCA Parent

"This school really helped shape me into who I am today and I am so grateful that my mom found them back in 2010." – Shanna, GCA Student

“So thankful for GCA! My son has type 1 diabetes and Celiac Disease so going to brick and mortar was less than ideal. He didn't get the help he needed with his work and was also bullied. GCA is a safe place for him to learn. My daughter graduated with GCA this past year.” – Kristi, GCA Parent

“My girls will be starting their first year in GCA and they are so excited. The communication through this page is AMAZING. I had a lot of questions to make sure that my girls were setup for success and I received all the answers I need extremely fast. Can't wait to see and be apart of the great things they have this year.” – Nicole, GCA Parent

"I loved the live classes with the teachers they were amazing, they have live video, & chat, also many of the classes are recorded to review later with your student/child/children or just to see what they are learning that day!" – Dana, GCA Parent

"If there is ever an issue, staff and/or teachers always get back to us within a timely manner. If the kids need extra help, they receive it. Most of the time we do not even have to ask, they receive an email telling them to attend a class where they get what they need. We love this school. Keep up the great work GA Cyber!" – Annie, GCA Parent

"This is truly a wonderful school with hardworking and dedicated staff members. They really care about student education and growth. I love how they use modern technology and tools to make learning exciting and rewarding. What a great team!" Melissa, GCA Parent