Georgia Cyber Academy is a Cognia accredited institution with programs and curriculum energetically and visibly growing learners, teachers, leaders, and organizations. In March 2022, Cognia renewed Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA)’s five-year accreditation and defined the district as meeting the Cognia standards for quality schools. GCA has been a member of Cognia since 2012.

Based on a set of rigorous research-based standards and evidence-based criteria, the accreditation process examines the whole institution–its policies, programs, practices, learning conditions, and cultural context–to determine how well the parts work together to carry out the institution’s vision and meet the needs of every learner. Accreditation isn’t about passing a one-time inspection; rather, accreditation recognizes education providers that demonstrate and sustain their commitments to continuous improvement and better learner outcomes.

The Cognia accreditation process validates a school's quality through onsite reviews conducted by trained, professional evaluators. Cognia certification recognizes that GCA has demonstrated to the academic community that it effectively advances the quality of the educational experiences it provides to its students and is in compliance with the standards of the organization.

More information about Cognia can be found on the Cognia website.

GCA Accreditation Results Summary 2022GCA Digital Learning Accreditation Engagement Review 2022

Georgia Cyber Academy completed the Cognia Digital Learning Accreditation Engagement Review in 2022. Results from this accreditation indicated that GCA both met and improved standards and demonstrated noteworthy practices which provided clear results that positively impacted the school.

Georgia Cyber Academy engages students and families deeply in the educational process.

– Cognia Accreditation Review Team Member

The Engagement Review Team utilizes the Cognia Performance Standards Diagnostic to evaluate the institution's effectiveness based on the three Cognia Performance Standards: Leadership Capacity, Learning Capacity, and Resource Capacity.

The Engagement Review Team also facilitated the Cognia Observation Tool for Digital Learning to review five major key areas of the digital environment including Instructional Design, Learning Engagement, Platforms and Technologies, Assessment for Learning, and the Digital Learning Community. In this review, GCA surpassed the scores of the Cognia average in all areas.

GCA fosters a culture that carries out its mission and vision with an emphasis on access and relationships.

– Cognia Accreditation Review Team Member

GCA will continue to utilize strategic data planning to identify and adjust any achievement gaps while striving to prepare all students for advanced academic opportunities in all grade bands.